Paige Fiduciary Services

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Paige Fiduciary Services is here to help you.

Our passion is helping those who are struggling to help themselves.  We are here to help your loved one be prepared, stay protected and live life with as little worry as possible.  Our goal is to help our clients not only live a productive and fulfilling life but to challenge them to find their fullest potential, regardless of their condition.

Please read our blog and help prevent elder scams.
What We Do
Protect, care and plan for our clients.
Today's elderly population is facing new challenges not seen before with new scams constantly being created and targeting the most vulnerable population. My passion is not only to educate, protect and prevent any wrongful doing but also come up with new ways to challenge my clients, encourage them and help them find their fullest potential at all stages. I enjoy giving consultation and helping those who cross my path discover as many tools as possible to help them and their family member on their journey.

Our Services

  1. Personal Care
    Work with your doctors, care providers and family to come up with a extensive overall care plan to enhance your social, physical, and spiritual needs.
  2. Financial Planning
    We provide various levels of service to help you manage your daily and long term financial needs.