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Paige Fiduciary Services is here to help you.  Whether you are a fiduciary needing a court/errand runner, task coordinator/helper or needing someone to help manage your loved ones affairs, give us a call.

Our passion is helping those who are struggling to help themselves.  We are here to help your loved one be prepared, stay protected and live life with as little worry as possible.  

Please read our blog and help prevent elder scams.
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    Fiduciary Assistant
    Assisting fiduciaries with work tasks. I charge a low rate in order to learn skills/meet new fiduciaries and gain knowledge....take advantage while this lasts.
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    Financial Management
    Banking, Bill pay, scanning, filing, receivables, client support, shopping for client, errands, clerical support projects.
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    Fiduciary Base Rate
    Includes Trustee Services, Estate, property and financial management. Marshalling of assets. Management of family conflict. Task not able to be delegated due to level of responsiblities
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    Professional Fees
    Litigation or settlement discussions and other contested legal matters. Highly complex issues that require special skills or additional risk
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