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Paige Fiduciary Services is here to help you.

Our passion is helping those who are struggling to help themselves.  We are here to help your loved one be prepared, stay protected and live life with as little worry as possible.  Our goal is to help our clients not only live a productive and fulfilling life but to challenge them to find their fullest potential, regardless of their condition.
  1. I have had the opportunity to observe Stevie throughout these professional matters as she fulfilled the fiduciary and legal requirements of her position, and additionally negotiated complex family dynamics in a way that resulted in a positive outcome for everyone involved–not an easy task. She has a strong ethical and moral framework that guides her actions on a daily basis. In fact, this is precisely the reason I encouraged her to explore a career as a fiduciary. As an estate planning, probate and trust attorney, I see the need for professional fiduciaries who have not only the skills and background, but the internal ethical compass that guides them in their work. Dicey situations can arise frequently and the “books” don’t always address every gray area. Stevie has this compass and lets it guide her daily.
    Heidi Youssef Youssef Law
  1. Stevie is very respectful and includes us as family in all her major discussions regarding our cousin. For the last year, Stevie found a wonderful couple as caregivers who live with our cousin in an adjacent apartment. Stevie and this couple arrange all medical appointments, bill payments and general housekeeping needs. Stevie is aware that as time progresses, she will be more actively involved with monitoring needs. We as a family are honoring our cousin and allowing her to choose her lifestyle. This was only possibly because of Stevie and her commitment to our family.
    Local Client